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About us

A history of our founder, Terry Sewell..........

When Terry was a young lad of 12, he asked his Dad for a motorbike. His wish was granted but with a came in a sack!

His Dad said "Son, if you want a motorcycle, you will have to build it yourself"

Unbeknown to Terry, this quote determined his future. Motorbikes became his life!

He started Scrambling, and Trials riding in the winter. At the age of 17 he started working for 'Collett Motorcycles at Basildon where he carried on learning his spanner skills. By this point he'd evolved into Grass Track, where he was riding BSA's and Greeves. Buy this time, his spanner skills were pretty good and he had some of the quickest machinery around. Within a couple of years he went into partnership with Les Fox, and they took over Collett Motorcycles, renaming it 'Sewell & Fox' at the 5 Bells in Basildon. At the age of 23, he left the partnership to join Shell Oils UK at the Coryton Refinery, and this employment lasted 28 years. During this time, Terry continued racing Grass Track and with some success. He obtained sponsorship from Castrol then Shell, but to top it all, he had a works assisted ride with Greeves Factory on a special 250 Greeves Griffon, which got him to two Grass Track Finals.

After hanging up the Grass Track Leathers (or finally realising he was getting too old to slide), Terry bought a Greeves Anglian from a work colleague, did it up and started Pre 65 Trials, which he still competes in to this day....and on the same Anglian!

Retiring from Shell at the age of 53, Terry found more spare time to persue his love of bikes. By now, having a wealth of knowledge on Classic bikes, especially Greeves, Villiers and BSA's, Terry was invited to get involved in the newly formed Greeves Scrambles Championships being run in the Eastern Centre. He was helping out, trying to keep the Greeves running and trying to source spare parts. It was at this point that Terry decided to take his expertise of some 50 years and turn it into a business venture....TDS Services was born! This has been running for nearly 10 years now and has been renamed as TDS Classic Off Road Motorcycles so we can expand.

Over the years, Terry has expanded the business from repairing, building and selling motorbikes and spares to selling a very wide and specialised variety of Greeves, Villiers and Pre 65 parts, some of which he makes himself. Pre 65 parts are not always easy to come across, purely because of their age, but Terry has managed to build an excellent and trusted supplier base and because of this, there is not a lot Terry can't obtain!

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